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Wellcome Sanger Institute holds one of the world's most exciting scientific communities, full of brilliant minds working together to make a difference and change lives. We foster a culture where differences, background, experience and perspective are celebrated and valued. At an institute where intellectual curiosity is encouraged, your ideas will be listened to, researched, explored and evolved.

We are proud to have over 120 Postdocs across our 5 Scientific Programmes, Scientific Operations and Wellcome Connecting Science. Out of our 120 Postdocs, approximately 50% are female, 65% are non-British and at least 24 nationalities are represented. In addition to this, 35% of our postdocs have caring responsibilities and 25% live alone in accommodation.

We provide a beautiful campus and an inclusive and collaborative working environment where everything can thrive. We encourage you to develop your research niche and support you in obtaining the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a leader in your future career.

Caia Dominicus
Caia Dominicus, Postdoctoral Fellow
How will your time at Sanger influence your future choices?

Working with Open Targets has really made it clear to me how much I value the translational potential of my work. This is something that I will definitely prioritise more in my choices going forward.