Technical Engineer for High-performance Cluster Computing, Storage, and Network Operation & Maintenance

Tsinghua University - Tsinghua University Advanced Innovation Center

Tsinghua University’s Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology was formally established in October 2015 with the support of Beijing Municipal Government. The Center aims to develop new methods and technologies related to structural biology, and with a world-class cryo-EM facility, it aspires to innovate and make Beijing the birthplace for several relevant key technologies. Furthermore, it aims to be an incubator for related technology enterprises.

Through several technological breakthroughs in recent years, cryo-EM has become one of the most popular technologies in structural biology. This technology’s development has enabled us to observe internal structure of living entities on a nanoscale and even atomic scale. It also provides important technical support in understanding basic principles of cell structure, relationship between health and disease, and drug research & development. Structural Biology technology (cryo-EM for example) combines features of several traditional disciplines such as computers, electronics, physics, mathematics, biology, and others, in order to meet research and development needs. We plan to hire a number of advanced research and technical personnel; especially outstanding scientists and engineers with rich and relevant work experience. We offer globally competitive salaries and endless opportunities for career development. We welcome senior technical applicants who are willing to be at the forefront of scientific research, to join us and step into the future.

Application Information:

  1. Job description: Full-time
  2. Location: Tsinghua University Beijing
  3. Salary: Competitive as per industry standards; specifics are negotiable.
  4. Other requirements: Applicants should be interested in interdisciplinary work, studious and love scientific research.
  5. Valid till: Open until positions are filled.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Daily maintenance and technical support for high-performance cluster computing; respond to and process system failure.
  2. High-performance cluster computing statistical analysis. Evaluate cluster performance aimed at related scientific research needs, and provide technological analysis and solutions for problems during scientific research.
  3. Manage server backup.
  4. Install and maintain the system and various kinds of software required by the cluster, including professional end-user computing software.
  5. Participate in constructing cluster computing, network, storage systems, and relevant scientific research projects.

Application Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computers, and preferably over 1 year relevant work experience.
  2. Familiar with Linux/Windows operating system installation, usage, and management.
  3. Familiar with Linux system monitoring, deployment automation, and other management tools.
  4. Familiar with large-scale data storage, high-speed network (ten-gigabit, IB) devices, and management software.
  5. Familiar with shell and other scripting language, and be able to write scripts.
  6. Familiarity with OpenMPI, C/C++, CUDA, and other programming environment and languages will be preferred. 

Required Application Materials:

  • Detailed resume
  • Provide contact information of two references, and send your recommendation letters to the recruitment mailbox
  • Application instructions (cover letter with personal and professional skill details)
  • Other relevant material, certificates, documentary evidence, etc.

Applicants can send application materials to 

Please specify the job title in the subject line when applying. If you meet our requirements, we will organize your interview at the earliest.

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