Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

XJTLU is an international joint-venture university founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University in China and the University of Liverpool in the UK. As a Sino-foreign cooperative university, it captures the essence of both parent universities and is the largest of its kind approved by China’s Ministry of Education.

Research Impact

Since 2006, 5398 publications from XJTLU have been indexed in WoS (Web of Science) Core. The average Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) for all publications from XJTLU for 2018-2022 are 1.35. XJTLU’s CNCI was higher than global’s and China’s CNCIs in each of the past 5 years.

Under the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) schema, XJTLU has been most productive in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science and Economics & Business in 2018-2022. Computer Science and Environment/Ecology have contributed the most ESI Highly Cited Papers. As of June 2023, there are 4 fields for XJTLU entering the Top 1% worldwide in the ESI rankings, namely Engineering, Computer Science, Social Sciences, and Environment/Ecology.

PhD Programme at XJTLU

The PhD programme at XJTLU will equip you with a range of professional skills to help you undertake world-changing research and maximise your future employability. We offer a wide range of funding opportunities and a supportive academic environment where you’ll get tailored training and development.

It normally takes three to four years to complete a full-time doctoral programme. Upon successful completion of PhD programme at XJTLU, you will be awarded a doctoral degree from the University of Liverpool.

To explore more information regarding doctoral studies at XJTLU, please visit our doctoral admission page.

Minimum Entry Requirement

Applicants holding a UK first or 2:1 class Bachelor's degree with Honours or Pass with Merit Master's degree meet the minimum academic requirement of our PhD programme. Applicants must also meet the English language requirement for the relevant research area.

Each doctoral programme has specific academic qualification and English language proficiency level required to enter the programme. Please visit the doctoral entry requirement page to find out the entry requirement for each programme.

How to Apply

You may find the required materials for PhD application in our How to Apply page. After preparing all the application documents, you are welcome to start your PhD application. PhD applications are accepted all year round. There will be four entry points each year, and the application deadlines are outlined below for each entry.

Entry Point Programme Start Date Application deadline
September entry 1 September 30 June
December entry 1 December 30 September
March entry 1 March 15 December of the previous year
June entry 1 June 31 March

For general queries on the application, please contact DoctoralStudies@xjtlu.edu.cn.

Funding Opportunities

XJTLU offers a range of scholarships to highly motivated and dedicated full-time doctoral candidates to pursue research leading to a doctoral degree. Qualified applicants may receive financial support including:

  • A full scholarship: consists of a tuition fee waiver for three years (RMB 297,000 total value) and a monthly stipend of RMB 5,000 for three years (RMB 180,000 total value).
  • A fees-only scholarship: consists of a tuition fee waiver for three years (RMB 297,000 total value)
  • A partial tuition-fee scholarship: consists of up to 50% tuition fee reduction for three years (RMB 148,500 total value).

1. Apply for a Scholarship for an Existing Funded PhD Project

You can apply for an existing PhD project which has received funds from the University or external funding bodies. These projects have an established research topic and a formed supervisory team. You can check the below list of funded PhD project for information about specific projects available or contact potential supervisors to discuss funding opportunities.

Please note, the reference number with * refers to PhD project collaborated with industry.

Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD PGRSLG230602 Development of a multi-port zero carbon building energy router based on GaN power integration Huiqing Wen
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOS2208JM03* The hydrogen embrittlement mechanism of Aluminum Alloys Min Chen
Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD FOS2109JM02* Microstructural evolution and its relationship to properties of spray formed high performance aluminum alloys during thermomechanical process Jie Sun
Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD FOS2111JD01* High Performance Analog and RF IC Design Technology Research Miao Cui
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOSA2212013 Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer for WPAN Applications Zhenzhen Jiang
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOS2210JJ02* Man-machine collision detection algorithm Yuqing Chen
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2306019 Context-aware Dynamic Encoding for Efficient Big Data Processing Dapeng Dong
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOS2308JBB01* Monolithic integrated GaN power devices with Integrated Gate Drivers Wen Liu
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2212011* Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation by Fusing Information from Multimodal Wearable Sensors Qing Liu
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOSA2306016 Enhanced Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Tianru Zhang
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOS2312JW01 Trust Evaluation Methods and Mechanisms for Multimodal Edge Networks Dapeng Dong
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOSA2312013 Analysis for Power System Security by Graphical Deep Learning on Complex Networks Fei Xue
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2312015 Information-based driving strategy for connected automated vehicles in mixed traffic environment Dongyao Jia
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2312018 New combinatorial perspectives on parking functions and their variations Thomas Selig
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2312027 Deep learning for online Classification Nanlin Jin
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOSA2212009 Development of Dispatchable Solar PV Systems Based on Hierarchical Solar Forecasting Xiaoyang Chen
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOSA2306020 Identifying new roles and optimal utilization patterns of battery storage technologies in active distribution systems Timur Saifutdinov
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2212017 Anomaly detection for pathology diagnosis by using EEG Jun Qi
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2112005 Collaborative and Immersive Visualization Environments for Data Exploration Lingyun Yu
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOS2111JF01* Study on Treatment of onychomycosis with soluble microneedles loaded with Terbinafine nanogels Jie Sun
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Architecture PhD PGRS2212015 The contemporary and cross-cultural interpretation of Jiangnan heritage: A case study of new architecture in Suzhou and Hangzhou Jiawen Han
Civil Engineering PhD PGRS2112018 Strengthening of masonry walls subjected to horizontal loads strengthened with pre-stressed Textile Reinforced Mortrars (TRMs) Theofanis Krevaikas
Civil Engineering PhD FOS2305JJ01* Information Fusion Navigation Algorithm based on Lidar-Vision Integration Lei Fan
Civil Engineering PhD PGRS2306058 Green Electronic Interconnections (GEI): Optimal Design for Lead-free Solders (Materials Sciences and Engineering Area) Tianhong Gu
Urban Planning and Design PhD PGRS2306057 Barriers and Opportunities of Regional Planning Collaboration in China: Mapping Subjective Landscape in Implementing Integrated Watershed Revitalisation in the Yangtze River Delta Joon Sik Kim
Civil Engineering PhD PGRS2306024 BIM and Building Automation System assisted Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring for Engineering Laboratory using IoT devices Shu Tang
Civil Engineering PhD FOS2311JM01* Flash annealing processing and microstructure engineering of UFG fibrous quenching & partitioning steels Tianhong Gu
Architecture PhD FOSA2312044 A Morphotypopogical investigation of Chinese “New Towns” for harmonized remodelling. The case of “One City-Nine Towns” project. Roberto Podda
Civil Engineering PhD FOS2312JAA01* Research and Application of Plastic Behavior and Constitutive Model of Thin Plate Metal Materials Guobin Gong
Civil Engineering PhD FOSA2312045 Mechanisms of horizontal bearing properties of bridge piers during scour process. Wei Zhang
Architecture PhD FOSA2312042 Chinese Architecture in the New Media Environment: Presenting Images and Framing Discourses Jiawen Han
Civil Engineering PhD FOS2312JF01* New high performance lightweight materials – low-temperature synthesis of polymer polyetherketone ketone (PEKK) micro-nano composite with functionality Charles Loo
Civil Engineering PhD FOSA2312049 Interpretable machine learning models for landslide susceptibility mapping Lei Fan
Civil Engineering PhD FOSA2312050 Digital twin-based risk management framework for construction projects Fangyu Guo
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Business PhD FOSLG221103 Inventory control and order management policies for assemble-to-order systems under the co-production effect Jianxin Fang
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOS2210JM01* Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Methodology Development for Liquid Cooling Plate of Power Battery: Stamping and Materials Properties Distribution Chen Xuan
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOSLG221205 Optimal dividend and capital injection with practice constraints and risk management restrictions Ran Xu
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOS2210JJ01* Stability Control of Hydraulic Foot-legged Robot in Complex Environment Chen Xuan
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOSA2306027 Generalized Multiscale Methods Based on the Projection Embedded Discrete Fracture Model and Its Application in Unconventional Reservoir Simulation Jie Chen
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOSA2306028 Research on Identification Methods of Industrial Networked Control System with Multi-rate Characteristics Feiyan Chen
Mathematical Sciences PhD PGRS2306028 Magnetic Skyrmions, Berry Phase and Topological Hall Effect Hao Yu
Mathematical Sciences PhD PGRS2306060 Casimir-Polder repulsion induced by a Chern insulator Bing Sui Lu
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOS2305JM02* On the data-driven microstructure tuning method of high-performance recycled aluminum alloy Chen Xuan
Mathematical Sciences PhD FOSA2312033 Study of zero-order processes in Quantum Electrodynamics with unstable vacuum via asymptotic methods Tiago Carlos Adorno de Freitas
Mathematical Sciences PhD PGRS2312030 Randomization and AI Methods for Large Sparse Linear Systems Arising from Applications—A Hybrid Approach through Schur Complements Hui Zhang
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Biological Sciences PhD FOS2112JT02* Development of a multi-gene detection model for Chinese Luminal-type early breast cancer and its clinical translational study on the predictive value of breast cancer recurrence risk Jia Meng
Chemistry PhD FOS2207JO01* Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cells Yi Lin
Chemistry PhD FOS2209JR01* Study on the tunable cell structure of polymer foam via supercritical fluid micro-foaming Lifeng Ding
Environmental Science PhD PGRS2206030 The influence of species interaction on the ecological niche of selected microalgae Bastian Steudel
Chemistry PhD FOSA2306005 Exploring MOFs for Ammonia Storage as an Alternative Hydrogen Carrier using GCMC and ML methods Lifeng Ding
Chemistry PhD FOS2309JAK01* High-efficiency organic photovoltaics based on nano structure Yi Lin
Chemistry PhD PGRSSP230401 Photo- and electro-catalyst designs using combination of electrochemistry and electrodynamics implemented in multi-scale simulations Heechae Choi
Chemistry PhD FOSA2312011 Investigation of acrylate-NBE as photosensitive materials for the application in surface microfabrication Yi Lin
Environmental Science PhD FOSLG240106 Spatial distribution of functional diversity and its relationship with ecosystem productivity Yaoqi Li
Biological Sciences PhD FOSA2312009 Multi-modal Hybrid Fusion Network for disease prediction Shuihua Wang
Chemistry PhD FOS2207JO02* Large area OLED with high stability Li Yang
Biological Sciences PhD FOSSP240301 Novel biomarkers and targets in T regulatory cells in type 1 diabetes patients Eyad Elkord
Chemistry PhD FOSA2312010 Dehydration Reactions Under Reduced Pressure by Using a Rotary Evaporator Qian Zhang
Biological Sciences PhD FOS2402JAZ01* Perioperative brain state monitoring algorithms based on EEG big data and deep learning technology Shuihua Wang
Biological Sciences PhD FOSLG240501 Use of Machine Learning and Molecular Dynamics simulation for the prediction of RNA structures in mRNA vaccine design Francesco Zonta
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2306025 Advanced Data Fusion Learning-Driven Computer-Aided Diagnosis Model for Lung Cancer Hong Seng Gan
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD FOSLG230803 A study on the vertical structure electric double layer flexible artificial synaptic transistor Wei Chen
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD TW5A2312003 Development of Intelligent Robotic System with Adaptive Manipulation and Effective Human-Robot Interaction Fan Zhu
Programme Reference Number Title of PhD Project Supervisor
Computer Science and Software Engineering PhD FOSA2306024 Design and Development of AIoT-enabled Automated Product Inspection for SME Manufacturing Industry Hadyan Hafizh

2. Apply for a scholarship with your own project

If the above funded projects don’t match your research interest, you can also bring your own research project to apply for a scholarship. This scholarship is available to potential doctoral candidates whose principal supervisor is from following schools:

Please note there will be two application rounds for student applying for scholarship with own project in each academic year:

  • First round – applications submitted by 17:00 CST (UTC+8), 15 October will be reviewed in the first round and the successful scholarship recipients will be announced in December.
  • Second round – applications submitted by 17:00 CST (UTC+8), 15 April will be reviewed in the second round and the successful scholarship recipients will be announced in July.

The scholarship deadlines must be strictly adhered to and late submissions will not be accepted.

Life in Suzhou

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is located in Suzhou, a charming city in eastern China that can be conveniently connected to Shanghai by a high-speed train in less than 30 minutes.

As a beautiful and ancient city, Suzhou combines a 2,500-year-old history with a drive to become one of the most modern cities in China, which has a population of 13 million and a GDP of more than 2 trillion RMB – far larger than those of many entire countries!

Suzhou is one of the top 10 most attractive cities in China to foreign talents. The city has a permanent foreign population of almost 30,000, half of which are in the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) area, where XJTLU is located. Please visit the Life in Suzhou page to explore food, shopping, sports and activities in Suzhou.