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Founded in 2006, XJTLU is the largest international joint venture university in China, a partnership between Xi'an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool.

The University is an institution with English Medium of Instruction. It currently offers 90 degree programmes in the fields of science, engineering, business, finance, architecture, urban planning, language, and culture. XJTLU supports study at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD, as well as executive and professional development opportunities.

Our main campus is located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Suzhou is the centre of the Yangtze River Delta and one of the most developed cities in China. Known as China’s equivalent of Silicon Valley, SIP houses a large cluster of Fortune 500 companies, transnational enterprises and Research & Development centres, which creates a diverse working and living environment.

A brand new campus is currently under construction in Taicang, 45km away from the SIP Campus. The Taicang campus will focus on innovative programmes linking educational models with industry partners in fields that are exponentially evolving, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and robotics. It is a key move in XJTLU’s strategic plan to deepen educational exploration, maintain its competitive advantages, and further realise XJTLU’s mission to influence the development of international higher education.

We have staff members from over 50 countries, who are of different academic and cultural backgrounds, which encourages diversity of ideas and cultural exchange. Joining XJTLU, you will not only be provided with competitive compensation and benefits, but also live in a truly international community, working with academic and professional staff, industrial partners and students from all across the globe.

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Welcome from the Executive President

XJTLU was fortunate to have been founded at a time of innovation and challenges. It is a unique collaborative institution, and one of the first Joint Venture Universities in China.

The University is committed to the improvement of higher education and the exploration of new models for higher education in China. We aim to become truly research-led, and significant investment has been put into research development. Our goal is to produce leaders for new industries including AI and robotics, as well as showing what the future campus will be like.

–Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President