Working at XJTLU

XJTLU offers you more than just a job.

Joining XJTLU, you will not only be provided with competitive compensation and benefits, but you will also live in a truly international community that has convenient links to cultural hubs in surrounding cities. Joining an international community offers you an opportunity to become a global citizen with an international mindset, giving you a competitive edge; you will be fully immersed in an atmosphere of innovation, committed to the continuous exploration and reshaping of our modern education landscape.

As a pioneering, international joint venture university founded by a prestigious Chinese university and a world-renowned UK university, XJTLU has created an integrated system of eastern and western cultures, harnessing the best teaching practices of both countries. Taking advantage of our global network of resources, we have fostered an academic environment that prioritises research and built a solid infrastructure to support it.

We are a bridge that connects research endeavours in China to the UK and beyond. Talent from over 50 countries and regions has flocked to us, because we are an institution that truly encourages multidisciplinary research and provides the space for the creation and verification of new ideas through our International Innovation Hub.

We provide our staff with an extraordinary modern working environment, including best-in-class teaching facilities and laboratories, a library that offers domestic and international digital literature resources, and a multi-purpose training hall and gym.


XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang Campus)


Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan, Lecturer, Biology Department

“I am currently leading a lab investigating how immune signalling changes in old age. I have travelled the globe for my scientific career but nothing compares to the young-hearted curious research spirit found at XJTLU. This is the place to work if you want to expand your ideas and make important research contributions.”

Prof. Gisela Loehlein
Prof. Gisela Loehlein, Architecture and Design Department

“XJTLU is the most innovative university I have worked for in my over 20 years in academia, shifting the academic paradigm. This means for design disciplines research in theory and practice that creates a symbiosis with other disciplines and industry with incredible support given by administration allowing academics to flourish and progress their academic career.”