Changing the face of higher education in China

Created to transform higher education in China, we are widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator. We were one of the first universities in China to recruit students based on overall performance and have taken higher education forward to match China’s ambitions and ever-growing role in the international arena.

In 2012, the Chinese Ministry of Education endorsed the establishment of SUSTech and acknowledged our university as a platform for experimenting with and catalysing Chinese higher education reform. A public, state-run university in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China, we have a modern governance system, managing our own affairs with full academic freedom. Passionate about developing brilliant minds and pioneering scientific and technological research, we aim to become renowned as a top-tier international university that excels in interdisciplinary research, nurtures innovative talent and delivers new knowledge to the world. Our success and distinctive character is formed out of three key pillars - Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Our future
Set for major growth over the next 5 years, we can offer you the opportunity to be in at the beginning of an exciting new journey, as we aim to become known as a world-class institution. As well as creating 26 new research centres that will focus on interdisciplinary research, we are set to establish 7 new faculties - Science, Engineering, Life and Health Sciences, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship..

Our modern campus
Our picturesque campus is situated in the Nanshan (Southern Mountain) district of Shenzhen, a beautiful area of hills, forests and winding creeks on the border of Hong Kong. We benefit from good transport links and a spacious campus that covers nearly 2 km².

Phase one of our campus has been completed to meet the needs of our current students. As well as supporting infrastructure, we have built 32 new buildings for teaching, research, administration and sports. Phase two will involve creating new faculties, buildings and research centres across 500,000 square meters of campus to accommodate 10,000 students. We aim to build one of China’s most beautiful university campuses with a strong focus on functionality, sustainability, energy-efficiency and providing the ideal environment for teaching, learning and research.

Our team
We have an international team of 300+ people. Many of our academics have experience of working, researching or studying at the world’s top 100 universities. 48 of our academics are part of the prestigious national ‘1000 plan’ while 61 are part of the national ‘1000 youth plan’.

Our teaching
Our main academic focus is currently on interdisciplinary subjects, emerging disciplines and such specialist areas as Aerospace, Biotechnology, Computing, Electronic information, Environmental protection, Marine and New Energy and Materials. Although we are going to significantly add to these subjects areas, as we create 7 brand new faculties.


  • Applied Physics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Communication Engineering
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Finance
  • Finance Engineering
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Microelectronics Science and Engineering
  • Opto-electronic lnformation Science and Engineering
  • Physics
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics