ShanghaiTech University

Technician position in Prof. Nicola Elvassore's lab

ShanghaiTech University - Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS)

In our lab, we perform research at the interface between human stem cell biology and biotechnology/biological engineering. We have one open position for a lab technician, focused on cell culture.


  1. Bachelor degree in one of the following majors: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology or similar.
  2. Master degree or PhD will be preferred. 
  3. Experience in an analytical position at research centers or private companies is required, if the candidate does not hold a Master degree or a PhD (ideally 2 years).
  4. Solid experience in human cell culture, and in stem cell culture preferred.
  5. Experience of culture of human pluripotent stem cells and their differentiation will be preferred.
  6. Excellent communication and writing skills in English.

Main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining an efficient cell culture unit, for example making aliquots of media and reagents, or performing periodic sterilization cycles of incubators and biosafety cabinets.
  2. Training other lab personnel on cell culture procedures.
  3. Verifying the functionality of cell culture instrumentation and collaborating with instruments technical support
  4. Making orders of required material.
  5. Giving organization support to coordinate experiments of researchers within the lab.
  6. Giving support in performing cell cultures as instructed.
  7. Maintaining documentation and standardizing lab protocols for performing biological assays.
  8. Few other minor tasks, such as English-Chinese translations.

Please email a CV and two letters of reference in English, directly sent to (cc: and