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UWS is one of Scotland’s largest and most dynamic modern universities. Our reach across Scotland plus our London Campus means that UWS is a significant force in knowledge creation, innovation, and in the provision of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree education.

UWS welcomes and employs people from a diverse range of backgrounds who are all ambassadors for our University. We are united by the shared ethos that together we make a great community, creating a positive impact in what we do.

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UWS Strategy 2025

University of the West of Scotland is driving an ambitious strategy for high-quality learning and teaching, and research and innovation, with a global engagement agenda to reflect the needs of the 21st century workplace.

UWS Strategy 2025, launched in February 2020, marks an exciting new chapter for the University. It focuses on the key areas in which the University seeks to flourish over the next few years, giving a picture of what UWS will look like by 2025 and lays the foundation for the University towards 2050.

Strategy 2025 was developed in consultation with colleagues across the University who shared their perspectives on UWS’s strengths, the challenges we may face in the future and what we want to achieve by 2025.

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